RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles is an electrifying concert experience celebrating the timeless music of the legendary fab four. With note-for-note precision, this mind-blowing performance transports you back to the iconic eras of Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour, along with all your favorite hits. From energetic classics to reflective favorites, the band delivers an unforgettable performance that appeals to fans old and new. With vibrant costumes and psychedelic visuals, RAIN creates a stunning concert full of nostalgia and good vibes. RAIN - A Tribute to the Beatles promises an extraordinary journey through the eras that captivates hearts and inspires all generations.

"The enraptured audience relives the soundtrack of its life!"

–Chicago Tribune

July 17  |  Saratoga PAC Amphitheater  |  Saratoga Springs, NY


July 20  |  The Theatre at the Great Canadian Resort Toronto  |  Mississauga ON, Canada


July 21  |  Budweiser Gardens |  London ON, Canada


July 23  |  Sandler Center for the Performing Arts  |  Virginia Beach, VA


July 24  |  Berlin Center  |  Roanoke VA


July 25  |  The Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre  |  Youngstown, OH


July 26  |  KEMBA Live! |  Columbus, OH


July 27  |  The Mill  |  Terre Haute IN


July 28  |  Morris Performing Arts Center  |  South Bend IN


July 30  |  Tulsa Theatre  |  Tulsa OK


July 31  |  Texas Trust CU Center  |  Grand Prairie TX


August 1  |  Brushy Creek Amphitheater |  Hutto, TX


August 2  |  American Bank Center  |  Corpus Christi TX


August 3  |  The Grand 1894 Opera House  |  Galveston TX


August 4  |  Majestic Theatre  |  San Antonio TX


"I tell you Larry, there is no other band, there will never be any band like them ever, for eternity. They are the best, I say to you Larry, here in 1965, that the children of 2000 will be listening to the Beatles. And I sincerely mean that."

–Brian Epstein

The Band

RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Steve Landes

Steve Landes

(Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Harmonica)

A life-long, second-generation Beatles fan, Steve taught himself guitar at 10 listening to Beatles records and by 13 was fronting a Top 40 cover band in his native Philadelphia. At 17 he joined Beatlemania and further developed his musicianship, touring the world with the show. After 'passing the audition' with the existing RAIN band members in 1998, his career was set. On one of his travels to England, he found himself at Liverpool's Casbah Club, owned by pre-Ringo Beatles drummer Pete Best. Encouraged to get on stage, Steve belted out lead vocals to The Beatles rocker "Slow Down," while Best sat in on drums.

As a backup musician, Steve has performed alongside legendary sixties artists Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits), Joey Molland (Badfinger), Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and Tiny Tim. As an actor, he appeared in the films "Wedding Bell Blues," "For Which He Stands" and Tim Burton’s "Mars Attacks!" Steve writes and records his own original music.

RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Paul Curatolo

Paul Curatolo

(Vocals, Bass, Piano, Guitar)

The Beatles became Paul's biggest influence as a child growing up with RAIN. At ten years old, his musical journey began when he taught himself the drums. He quickly adapted to guitar & piano which drove him to write and record his own music. When he was 14, as a member of the pop band "Wayward", he went on to record five albums. Until recently the band has toured the U.S. and was voted home town heroes in A.P. magazine. (Alternative Press). Paul's love for the Beatles has driven him to master the character of Paul McCartney down to every detail. From vocal inflections to turning the bass over to perform left-handed. Paul considers it an honor to pay tribute to his idol.

RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Alastar McNeil

Alastar McNeil

(Vocals, Lead Guitar)

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, State of Hawaii, Alastar McNeil grew up surrounded by musicians who played ukulele and guitar. These instruments would play a pivotal role in his life as he became an ukulele luthier- for a time supervising a local factory- and eventually changed careers to fulfill the dream of being a full time musician. Alastar and his wife Miwa (herself a kiho'alu or Hawaiian slack key guitarist) have played with the iconic band Kupaina for years even as he earned a solid reputation for his instrumentation and adaptability playing with Honolulu bands doing everything from Irish to reggae, funk to classic rock and even a local Beatles tribute. "Playing with RAIN has challenged and improved my ability to express myself not just as a musician but as an actor and entertainer as well. Nothing is more thrilling!"

RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Dylan Verge

Dylan Verge

(Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Like any Beatles fan, Dylan Verge was drawn to their magic by watching their “First U.S. Visit” DVD as early as he can remember. This was foundation for his musical journey. He started playing drums around age 5 and soon began playing professionally before his teenage years, as a self taught drummer. He later attended the Boston Arts Academy school, where his musicianship breaded exponentially through different styles and intense performance study. With his time at this school and studying with Berklee City Music all through high school, he was accepted into Berklee College of Music with the “J. Curtis Warner“ full tuition scholarship. In addition to gigging 3-4 times a week, he majored in Contemporary Writing and Production, studying: scoring for orchestras, advertisement writing, and arranging. In his time as Berklee he taught himself bass guitar, through learning every McCartney line he could, along with guitar and mandolin, in order to write and record on all of his assignments. He currently lives in Nashville, and is working as a performer and multi-instrumentalist, and the Beatle sound and influence has always been and will be with him in his work, no matter what.


Mark Beyer Rain a tribute to the beatles

Mark Beyer

(Keyboards, Percussion)

Mark Beyer began piano lessons at age 8, and at 12 was given special acceptance into a local University music school where he was privately trained in piano and music theory. At 14, he began experimenting with electronic keyboards and synthesizers from the 1970s, and played professionally in a progressive rock band. As keyboard technology advanced, Mark became known for his uncanny reproductions of elaborate sound textures, exotic instruments, and simulations of  full orchestras. Mark is the primary programmer and sound designer for the keyboards currently used in RAIN's production.

You can learn more about Mark at his website: www.beatlekeys.com

Chris smallwood Rain a tribute to the beatles

Chris Smallwood

(Keyboard, Percussion)

Chris fell in love with music as a young kid, but didn’t fall onto a piano bench until high school, when he broke his leg. Just two years later, he was invited to Kentucky’s prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts program. In 2008, Chris received a bachelor of music from Belmont University and in 2010 earned his master of music from the University of Louisville. Chris has toured internationally with Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles since 2010 and loves sharing his passion for The Beatles’ music with fans all over the world. Chris currently serves as a collaborative pianist in the Musical Theatre department at Belmont University and works as Music Director/Performer with Chef Alton Brown’s touring productions, which have played extensively in the United States and Canada. Chris also writes and produces original music for some of Mr. Brown’s television shows and online content. His music contracting business, Mockingbird Musicians, has been providing live music for weddings and events in Nashville for over ten years.

"A fun-filled family crowd-pleaser!"

–Toronto Star

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Absolutely. This is a show for all ages!

We do allow you to take photos during the show but please do not disrupt the audience members around you and flash needs to be turned off.

The show is approximately two hours with one intermission.


No, RAIN does not take special song requests.

"The next best thing to seeing The Beatles."

–Associated Press



Alastar and Paul would like to thank the people of Traveler Guitars for making a great high quality guitar for their traveling needs. travelerguitar.com

“It’s compact, dependable and plays beautifully! A must have for a traveling guitarist. Treat yourself to a couple. You won’t regret it!” -Paul

“I originally got mine to be able to practice on the road. After I heard it through a PA it became my main gigging guitar at home.” -Alastar

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To John, Paul, George and Ringo without whom we wouldn’t be here.

Thank you to our families, friends and fans for all their love and support throughout the years.

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The RAIN touring road crew for all their hard work and dedication.

In memory of the late Jim Riddle.

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from Mark Lewis, RAIN Manager and Founding Member